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Last update: April 2022


Welcome to PanCircBase


Recent work has established the importance of novel circular RNA (circRNAs) in all steps of gene expression regulation. Various studies in the last few years have highlighted the role of circRNAs in a number of physiological processes including pancreatic β-cell physiology. However, the knowledge of all circRNAs expressed in pancreatic β-cells or islets is not readily available in the database. Here, we catalog more than 66,000 circRNAs expressed in mice pancreatic islets. Besides the circRNA annotation, PanCircBase provides divergent primers, siRNAs, miRNAs, and novel polypeptides encoded by the pancreatic islet circRNA, which are useful for studying the function of circRNAs in pancreatic islets. Since circRNAs are ubiquitously expressed, the information provided here can be used for circRNAs that are also expressed in other cells or tissues. In summary, this is a comprehensive database for exploring circRNA expression and its potential function in pancreatic islets or β-cells.


Highlights of PanCircBase

  • Searches circRNAs by host gene name

  • Provides all circRNAs generated by the specific gene of interest

  • Provides genomic location, length, exon/intron information

  • Provides other database IDs and conserved human circRNAs

  • Provides mature splice circRNA sequences

  • UCSC genome browser track for pancreatic islet circRNAs

  • Provides divergent primers for circRNA RT-PCR

  • Provides siRNAs for circRNA silencing

  • Identifies pancreatic islet miRNAs targeting the circRNAs

  • Provides translation potential of circRNAs

  • Provides possible translation products of circRNAs


PanCircBase computationally identified circRNAs expressed in pancreatic islets using CIRCexplorer2 and predicted the divergent primers, miRNAs, siRNAs, and circRNA-encoded polypeptide using various computational tools. The validity of circRNA expression and function in pancreatic islets are subject to experimental validation.



Cite PanCircBase

Sinha T, Mishra SS, Singh S and Panda AC (2022) PanCircBase: An online resource for the exploration of circular RNAs in pancreatic islets. Front. Cell Dev. Biol. 10:942762. doi: 10.3389/fcell.2022.942762.

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